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Flexible Hairstyles

Modern women live busy lives and flexibility is key in any beauty care regime. 

Long gone are the times when we had to choose between natural hairstyles and styling for long hold. Some styling products provide flexibility but also keeping your hair in shape. Flexible hair looks soft and natural but stays in shape the way you styled it with the help of a brush, straighteners, and other styling tools

Must have products for flexible hold

Step 1. Mousse: A good mousse is the base for all flexible hold styles. We would recommend using got2b Mind Blowing Quick Shape Mousse. This will speed up your blow-dry time and give you that all important heat protection!

Work a generous amount of mousse through your damp hair including the hair near to the roots.

Step 2. Powder: Once your hair is dry you can style it as desired. Adding a sprinkle of volumising powder at the root to create plenty of volume, while still allowing your hair to move freely.got2b Powder’ful is the perfect product for this!

Step 3. Hairspray: A lot of women use a hairspray because they want to cement their style in place all day. However, if you’re after a style that will still have some movement, then make sure you choose a natural to medium hold hairspray.

got2b Rise ‘n Shine Hairspray will give you flexible hold and volume, but also add shine to your finished look.

Which hairstyles benefit the most from Flex styling?

Flexible hold is the best solution for all natural hairstyles. Waves and curls will have enduring hold from the light formula and still keep curls bouncy. A specific styling mousse, volumising powder or hairspray will give an undone style without strong hold taking away from the carefree nature of undone hairstyles.





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