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Hair Care plus Fragrance – Your Aroma Therapy at Home

Why not try and create your own wellness programme at home! Hair care products with fruity, invigorating, enticing or exotic fragrances like vanilla, coco, lychee and macadamia will take you from stressed out to blissful relaxation in seconds.

Shampoo and conditioners regenerate damaged hair ends, strengthen the hair structure and enhance the brilliance of hair colour. The calming or invigorating fragrances in many of them also give you a luxurious spa experience at home. Close your eyes and revel in complete comfort!

Hair Care plus Fragrance: Marrakesh Oil and Coco

Oil has a long history as soothing hair and skin care product. A trace of oil makes hair look supple and adds natural fragrances. The smell of Marrakesh and coconut oils can carry you away in dreams of tropical shores.

Hair Care plus Fragrance: Fruity Berries

Nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants play a central role in nutrition as well as in hair care. Hair care products with Cranberry, Acai and Lychee (also named litchi ) extracts strengthen hair and makes it come alive with shimmer. The fruity flavours of the berries engulf you in exotic fragrance.

Hair Care plus Fragrance: Argan Oil and Vanilla

Precious Argan oil stands out as one of the most potent ingredients in hair care products. It helps combat split ends and hair breakage. The combination of Argan oil and vanilla blossom fragrance provides a soothing treatment for your hair and your senses.

Hair Care plus Fragrance: Shea Butter and Coco

Coco and Shea butter are rich in fatty acids. In hair care, they repair damaged hair and provide needed moisture to dry hair ends. They also bring the enticing fragrances of holidays away in paradise to our homes.

Hair Care plus Fragrance: Macadamia Oil

In hair care, Macadamia oil is known for its moisturising and health restoring qualities. Macadamia oil strengthens hair and in turn prevents hair breakage and split ends. The soothing effect of its fragrance might be equally beneficial on the mind