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Hair Products for Curly Hair

Using proper hair care products will bring glamour and style to your hair. Whether you have casual, sophisticated or trendy beach curls, it is important you use products that are specifically designed for curling hair. We suggest optimal care products and styling tools for your curls, from shampoo to heat protectant.

Hair Products and Styling Aids for Curly Hair

Shampoo: Shampoo for damaged hair can help dull-looking, brittle curls look healthier and shiny. These shampoos restore the structural integrity of hair and provide it with a protective layer as well as enhancing its beauty.

Anti-frizz styling products: Frizzy hair has a tendency to be unruly and resist all styling efforts. Use anti-frizz shampoo, conditioner or finishing products to help achieve supple curls. These products help make the hair more manageable making styling easier (particularly effective for frizzy looking curls). Anti-frizz products or treatments prevent hair from becoming static from electric charges. They coat the outer surface (the cuticle layer) of every hair strand, which protects the hair and creates appealing shine.

Styling mousse and balm for curls: Styling mousse or hair balm can be used to help make your curly hair appear healthy by adding shine. These products can also help hold the shape of your curls for long periods of time. If you don’t have time to shampoo your hair you can use leave-in balms and styling mousse, to bring new life to your curls.

Hair Gel: If you want to create finger waves in your curly hair, apply hair gel to towel dried hair. After you have applied gel through your whole head, clip sections of your hair up using finger wave clips until all your hair is clipped up. Leave the clips in your hair, letting your hair dry naturally. We show you exactly how to create finger waves in our article ‘Finger Wave Hairstyles’.

Heat protectant: Don’t forget to apply heat protectant before curling you hair using curling tongs or other heated styling tools.

Hair oil and extra-gloss hairspray: Hair oil keeps curls supple and extra-glossy, while hairspray provides shine. Look for hair oils and hairsprays, which are designed to create soft, shiny curls. 

Salt spray provides just the right texture for casual beach waves or tousled curly hair.

Hair wax accentuates individual sections of hair, keeping fly-away hair at bay. Distribute a little hair wax in the palms of your hands and apply it where you want extra hold or to emphasise individual hairstyle elements.

Hairspray provides the finishing touch and gives extended hold to curly hair. Some hairsprays are barely noticeable while others provide strong hold. Hairsprays with light holding power are more suitable for curls because they don’t interfere with the natural springiness and movement of curls.

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