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What is Your Hair Care Style?

Over the years, most people develop hair care routines depending on their wants and needs. Some prefer efficient hair care routines, which don’t cut into their daily schedule, whilst others place value on more elaborate, creative hair care with a lot of fun and experimentation. How do you fit hair care into your life?

A good hair care routine starts with developing a healthy attitude. Your routine may follow a steady flow or allow for flexibility and experimentation. Regardless of your personal style, there are always ways to optimise the way you care for your hair.

The Minimalist

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The model above has opted for minimal, natural look.

Minimalists use few hair care products and don’t spend too long on their hair care routine. ‘Less is more!’ is the motto of minimalists counting the savings in time and money. Why worry about buying products when a good shampoo will do the trick of keeping your hair and scalp healthy and beautiful? Is this really true? Environmental influences, such as ultraviolet light, heated air or the cold may put extra stress on your hair. The effects of such stress can only be alleviated by providing extra care every now and then.

Hair Care Recommendation: The minimalist should consider using a conditioner and apply a deep conditioning hair care treatment or mask every once in a while. Our tip is to use a leave-in conditioner or 1 minute hair care masks that can be quickly used on the run. The conditioning ingredients of these products provide the hair with the essential care and protect it from environmental stress.

The Pragmatist

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The model has healthy flowing, sleek hair.

The pragmatist is well aware of existing hair problems but rarely bothers to address them. She focusses on practical solutions and has a healthy attitude towards hair care. Pragmatists are solution-oriented and rarely consider the long-term effects of their hair care choices. Does focusing on instant results really work? While the hair may look attractive and healthy in the short term, problems like split ends and dry hair may be just around the corner as the hair lacks the proper care it needs.

Hair Care Recommendation: If you are pragmatic about hair care you should focus on using products which address specific hair care problems that could arise with time and accumulated stress. Pragmatists are certainly open to the idea that the proof is in the pudding. Therefore, trying out new products to optimise their hair care habits should be appealing. Even the best hair care products must be used regularly to have optimal results.

The Hair Care Specialist

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The models edgy look is complimented by her beautiful, sleek hair.

Hair care specialists like to pamper their hair with all kinds of special, exotic products. The ingredients of hair care products are of great interest to her. She tends to be ready for the next new hair care innovations and loves to find new solutions to care for her hair.

Should you try every product on the market? It may be more important to find the required product ingredients that are right for your hair type. As well as this, no matter how precious an ingredient in a new hair care product may be, the proper application is prerequisite to beautiful hair.

Hair Care Recommendation: Earning the title of ‘hair care specialist’ takes time and effort. Fast acting products with instant conditioning effects are perfect for experienced hair care specialists. BB cream is well known and loved in the skin care world and has now become available in the hair care market, combining seven hair benefits in one.

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