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New Life and Lustre for Damaged Hair

Would you like to show off beautiful, shiny hair but extensive damage has left your hair lifeless and dull? There is help! Modern hair care products can instantly improve the structure of hair through conditioning. The result is instant brilliant shine.

A natural shine makes hair look and feel healthy. In order to restore hair to a healthy shine, it must return to its natural state. New generations of hair care products can instantly create smooth hair cuticles, which reflect light making the hair look shiny. Hair care innovations have made it easier to restore damaged hair to brilliant lustre and health. 

The first step on your way to shiny hair starts with the right shampoo. Damaged hair must be treated with tender loving care. Using the right shampoo with rich, conditioning properties helps create a healthy look. Make sure to use no more than the necessary amount of shampoo and use lukewarm water rather than hot. After shampooing, use a nourishing conditioner to gently detangle the hair and rinse. Dry your hair gently with a towel, ensuring you do not rub it dry. This technique can be used for all types of hair to add shine.

Damaged hair needs extra care in the form of regular, intensive hair treatments. This applies in particular to people who have dry or split ends.  

Heated styling tools are mainly responsible for the damage to your hair. If you do use them be sure to apply heat protection spray first. To help ensure you do not damage your hair further, you should try and allow your hair to dry naturally as much as possible. 

Instant Lustre for Damaged Hair

The most important part of working towards healthy, shiny hair is helping to restore the healthy, natural structure. However, you don’t have to put up with frizzy, dull-looking hair for weeks or even months while your hair recovers from sustained damage. Products that have an instant finish can help damaged hair look sleek and shiny. They also condition the hair, which help to restore and smooth the cuticle surface. Precious oils and other ingredients make your hair smooth, shiny and supple. Other styling products such as hairspray and styling mousse are available in high-gloss versions. Gel wax can also come with oils and they too increase the hair shine. Shine enhancers are available and can last three shampoos or up to seven days. These products are available in handy single-use packets, which fit into the smallest pocket book or bag. Shine enhancers are used like shampoo; they produce a deep shine even if the hair has been severely damaged.