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Anti-frizz Products Take Control of Unruly Hair

Frizzy and static hair is common in Winter because of the dry air, not only due to central heating but also the cold air outside, as the colder the air, the lower the humidity. Read on to find easy ways to help stay on top of these styling problems.

The moisture content of the hair is the main reason for untameable frizzy locks. Without sufficient moisture content the outer hair shaft gets rough and loses its supple, shiny nature. As a result, the hair strands become dry, frizzy and hard to manage.

Anti-Frizz Hair Care

Anti-frizz products fill in the damaged porous parts of the hair shaft as well as adding moisture to prevent dryness. The products can also counteract electric charges in the hair, which help prevent static hair.

Anti-frizz products may contain oils, which coat the hair and seal its outer cuticle layer. Unruly, frizzy hair needs additional intense conditioning treatments once or twice every week. These treatments nourish the hair and can help repair the structurally damaged parts of the outer and core hair shaft. After conditioning the hair is supple, smooth and shiny.

Pre-Styling Fix

The way you style your hair is also important to help tame frizz. We recommend using a hair balm or oil before blow-drying as the heat can make your hair dry. The hair balm or oil will help make your hair look smoother and tame flyaways.

Always use a heat protectant spray if your styling routine includes hair dryers, straighteners or curling tongs. Spray heat protectant onto damp hair before blow drying, as it will protect your hair against high heats as well as prevent frizzy hair.

After styling your hair use hair spray as it seals the hair, preventing unruly frizz.

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