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Dry Shampoo – Fresh Hair from the Can

Dry shampoo magically puts freshness and bounce back into your hair. Right now, it is one of the trendy hair care and styling products. A spray can with dry shampoo is the ideal solution when you need fresh, bouncy and manageable hair at the drop of the hat

If you are a fan of the sixties fashion you may have found some references to dry shampoo as well. Then as now, the magic from the spray can is a blessing when hair needs a shampoo but there is no time for it. Dry shampoos are back! This is not surprising because dry shampoo quickly refreshes hair when we are pressed for time. Dry shampoo is also a practical solution for travellers. The new formulas with cottonseed oil and Aloe vera extracts very gently degrease hair, add a heavenly fresh fragrance to hair and provide extra moisture for the scalp. Today's trendy dry shampoos in the spray can are available for different hair types and needs. After dry-shampooing, even fine hair looks fuller and it is easier to manage. The de-greasing magic of dry shampoo turns fatty limb tresses into fresh well-groomed hair.

Dry Shampoo is Easy to Use

Using dry shampoo could not be any easier. No longer is there is a reason to expect a grey powdery mane after dry shampooing, not even if your hair is very dark. Before applying the dry shampoo, you should wrap a towel around your shoulders and brush your hair well. Briefly shake the container before spraying short burst of dry shampoo into your hair from a distance of about 20 cm (slightly less than 8 inches). You can see where your hair needs to be fresher. Your entire hair may benefit from de-greasing. It may also be sufficient to only freshen up the fringes (bangs).

Allow the dry shampoo to work in your hair for two to three minutes. During this application time, the dry shampoo absorbs the dirt, sebum and the residues of styling products. Then gently massage your hair and scalp using a towel. You may also use your hands if no towel is at hand. The final step involves thoroughly brushing your hair to remove every bit of the dry shampoo. Residual dry shampoo would dull your hair. The best brush to use for this purpose is a brush with natural bristles such as wild boar bristles, which do not cause split ends like plastic bristles tend to do. Natural bristles also remove oil and residue from your hair in the gentlest of ways. While you brush your hair, you may also like to use your blow-dryer while hanging your head upside down. That increases your hair's volume and bounce.

Dry Shampoo as Intermediate Solution

Of course, using dry shampoo is no more than practical solution between regular wet shampoos. While it is effective and convenient, dry shampoos cannot replace wet shampooing and the benefits of conditioners, masks or styling products in wet or damp hair. Regular hair care nourishes and conditions the hair, aside from keeping it clean. Dry shampoos do not have all these benefits to the same degree. Still, it is ideal for freshening up your hair between regular shampoos so that you always look well-groomed - even on a hectic day.