Hair Care | Hair Conditioner

What Is a Conditioner?

We explain why conditioners are important in your hair care routine as well as the additional benefits of using hair care treatments for healthy, shiny hair.

Conditioners contain ingredients that are designed to help control fly-always, improve manageability and increase the moisture content of the hair.

Conditioners help protect and beautify the hair.

When you wash your hair, shampoo removes sebum, residue from styling products, dead cells and dirt which can make the cuticle layer swell slightly. The cuticle layer normally covers the hair shaft in a tight, even formation, but is slightly lifted away from the hair shaft after washing. In this state, hair is more vulnerable to damage caused by environmental influences and heat.

Conditioners reduce the cuticle swelling, making them once again form a tight layer over the hair shaft. The hair is now ready for styling and is less likely to be seriously damaged by day-to-day activities. Once applied it’s important that you leave conditioners on for at least a minute to ensure the hair holds onto its moisture for dazzling shine.

Hair Treatment – a Regular Part of Your Hair Care Regimen

Intensive hair care masks are a quick way to care for your hair.

Conditioners will help to protect the hair if used regularly. For additional care, we would advise you to use hair care treatments including: intensive hair care masks and hair beauty balms.

Day in, day out, our hair is exposed to potentially damaging influences that take their toll on your hair, including: heated styling tools, environmental factors, central heating and UV rays. While regular conditioners can help to prevent damage, it’s important to use hair care treatments as well to ensure extra healthy hair. These treatments are designed to repair damages to the core and cuticles of the hair, and as a result, your hair will feel silky smooth and look healthy.

Tip: For better results, apply hair care treatments to towel-dried rather than wet hair.