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Colouring Your Hair Blonde: The Ideal Technique

Hair colour turns lighter mostly through depigmentation (bleaching) rather than through colouration. Read on and learn what to keep in mind when you bleach your hair and how to control unwanted side effects

Your hair is not really blonde? This is true for 95 per cent of all people. Four out of ten women in the UK are blonde, but nature has given only very few of them blonde hair. All but these few women have spirited the natural pigments out of their hair. Among the colour treatments, bleaching still is number one on the list. While extreme blonde hues like platinum blonde are all the rage for models and stars, in the everyday setting women prefer softer honey and caramel hues.

Artificial blonde should certainly not look cheap but rather breathtakingly beautiful. The bleaching must therefore be done carefully and with a good sense of colour. Soft naturally appearing blonde hair is beautiful. Even brunettes can change to this hair colour, and our tips will help to just that without properly and for the most part without damage.

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