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Colouring Your Hair Red: Join the Trend, Go Red

The word red in red hair covers a tremendously wide spectrum ranging from warm reddish brown to the quite unnatural hair colour purple. Bleaching used to be the first step when colouring hair red. This is however rarely necessary with the newer colouring technologies

Red hair

Red hair: That’s how beautiful it can look

Without any doubt, right now the strongest hair colour trend is red. Currently, the fashion world is particularly partial to blazing copper colours, which may just barely pass as natural. Red-haired models have never been so much in demand! (

You can be one of the trailblazers for this trend if you have shoulder-length hair. Red hair updos and streaked strands of soft wavy red hair are especially fashionable. Of course, there is no trend without a counter-trend. Bluish hues in red hair and radical short haircuts with shaved neck hair as well as the red streaks favoured by Rihanna will also find their fans in 2011.

Colouring Your Hair Red:

Ways to Become a Trendy Redhead
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