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Foam Hair Colour: The Featherweight among Hair Colours

Do you feel like changing your hair colour? Permanent hair colours make it possible. In case you prefer changing your image in the privacy of your home, hair colouring should be as simple as possible. There should be no mess when applying the colour and no drips while you allow the colorant to work. Last but not least, the result should be natural, brilliant and even. You can achieve all this using an airy foam colour application, no skills necessary

hair colour foam

Colouring your hair with foam works without muss or fuss! Still, you may consider wrapping a towel around your shoulders anyway

Colouring your hair yourself can be tricky. You need to be pretty limber to apply the colour evenly to the tiny hairs in your neck area, to say nothing about the sprinkling of colour dots on the bathroom tiles…
Using foam colour makes changing your hair colour pure pleasure. You can apply the foam like a shampoo. The foam feels light on your scalp, it smells pleasantly (since it contains no ammonia), it does not drip and stays where it is needed. In addition, the foam colour will evenly and perfectly cover grey hair.

You should not mistake using a foam colour treatment and using mousse to tint your hair. The pigment in the tinting mousse only attaches to the outside of the hair and coats it with a fine colour film, which quickly starts disappearing from your hair. Tinting your hair with mousse will last no longer than 6 shampoos on the outside. The tinting mousse does almost nothing for grey hair. A real colour treatment, even a foamy one, requires that you mix two ingredients. This is how you can tell the difference between colouring and tinting. Different from a tinting mousse, the foam colour penetrates the hair for as long as you leave it in your hair and colours it permanently. Foam colour covers grey completely.

Applying foam colour is easy:

Further Important Information about Foam Colour

  • Don’t save in the wrong place. Always use an entire bottle of foam colour. Use two bottles for very long hair
  • Do not save residual foam colour for later. Once mixed, the foam colour must be used right away
  • Be sure to adhere to the application time. The colouring process occurs in several steps. You may not be satisfied with the result if you rinse the colour out prematurely
  • It takes a bleaching colour (like pearl blonde) to lighten your hair. The sky is the limit If you like to darken or deepen your colour to hazelnut brown, chocolate brown or all the way to black to name a few choices
  • Make sure not to go too wild with your colour changes. Most women look most attractive with a hair colour no more than two or three shades away from their natural colour
  • Do not wash your hair before colouring it. The natural sebum layer does a good job protecting your scalp from the chemicals in the hair colour
  • Dyed hair stays beautiful for a longer time if you use shampoo and rinses for colour-treated hair. These products provide extra conditioning and keep your new hair colour fresh and glowing even after many shampoos