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How to Create Curly Hair Styles

Whether you prefer a romantic, sophisticated or trendy hair style, curls can be part of it. The models of the great designers prove this on the catwalks. The curly hair styles of stars like Sarah Jessica Parker or Nicole Kidman also confirm that curls are trendy and glamorous. You find the most important rules for creating curly hair styles below. They will ensure that you get a perfect result every time

Curly Hair

Curly hair – nature does it best!

Terror strikes the hearts of many women when they remember their first experience with curls. Dreaming of soft wavy hair at age 14, they promptly let a hair stylist talk them into a ‘very light permanent’ and left the hair salon a few hours later looking like poodles. While still dry, the perms just looked cheap. The real nightmare started after the first shower. After all the trouble creating waves in the permed hair, the slightest trace of moisture would turn the waves into frizzy mats. It did not take more than three weeks and parts of the hair would start to droop. Let us not mention the damage to the hair …

Curls Forever? Permanents are much softer today

Perms are having a come-back. New formulations with sugar derivatives or amino acids form much softer curls and are not so hard on the hair. Modern perms allow the creation of small ringlets as well as copious corkscrew curls. However, chemistry will not provide you with a method to create easy-flowing generous waves. Straight hair must be rolled relatively tight on small perm rollers (less than 0.8 inch in diameter) to achieve any kind of wavy shape. When dry, this will always create curls rather than soft waves. To turn permed hair into soft flowing large waves you have no choice but roll the hair on large hair curlers or blow-dry it over a large round brush.

Curls Yes – Chemistry No

If you want to have wavy hair today and straight hair tomorrow you should opt for temporary solutions such as rollers, papillotes or the curling iron. Velcro-rollers are particularly convenient because they stay in the hair without additional fasteners. Commercially available Velcro-rollers come in many diameters from one and a half to seven centimetres (0.6 to 2.76 inches). You can use them to create small curls or opulent waves. Heated rollers with velvet surfaces are also very convenient. They are heated in a loading station, rolled into the hair and fastened with clips. Then they only need to cool. Papillotes consist of bendable foam. They are ideally suited for the creation of small ringlets and corkscrew curls. Curls of any size from soft waves to the tiniest curls can be created with the help of a curling iron.