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Hairstyle Predictions for 2015

We had a close look at the hairstyle selections of fashion designers at the Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Weeks. Time will tell which hairstyles will catch your fancy and become a hairstyle trend in 2015. If the catwalk styles are any indication, you will have the choice of hairstyles ranging from iconic to cool, plain, elegant, wearable, retro, and charming

Hairstyles often steal the lion’s share of attention in fashion shows. This is certainly true for the events at the Fashion Weeks. We are not surprised because the most stunning outfit does not quite cut it without the right hairstyle to complete the image. You may find your favourite hairstyle among the offerings.

Gallery: 2015 Hairstyles

Up and Coming 2015 Hairstyles: Short Fringes

Fringes in many styles can be added to almost any hairstyle. Dependent on the prevailing trend, you can easily modify fringes.

2015 Hairstyles

Models for the fashion house Julia Kupinskaya (left) turned heads with their ultra-short fringes. Models for Kokon toZai (right) drape their hair across the forehead in lieu of fringes

Fringes used to be on the long side in recent years. Fashion designer Julia Kupinskaya sees fringes getting shorter in 2015. Ultra-short fringes may become the rage in 2015. As far as fringes are concerned, they are short and precisely cut and styled in 2015.

Instead of cutting fringes, you may simply drape your long front hair across the forehead. A low side parting helps to create this style.