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Creating Messy Hairstyles

Creating a simple messy hairstyle is quick and easy!

Now you can snooze a little longer in the morning because styling your hair will be a breeze. These undone styles are on trend and easy to recreate, and more importantly, will save you time! It is important to conceal all styling efforts, so any stray strands of hair need to look as if they have naturally escaped your hair-do.

Messy Hairstyles and the Finishing Touches

Whatever you call the tousled hairstyles, out-of-bed style, undone, casual or messy, this style will show you don’t need to create perfection when styling your hair. Un-done hairstyles contrast perfectly with elegant outfits - an almost ‘unstyled’ low chignon can lighten an elegant dress.

No time or patience for hair styling? You may like the effortless styles below:

How to Create Messy Hairstyles

Messy Hairstyles

There are messy variations for any hairstyle. Perfection is not necessary!

Create as much volume as you can for messy hairstyles! The perfect styling products for a messy style are a mousse or a volumising powder. New got2b Mind Blowing Mousse is the perfect starting product for a messy style and speeds up your blow dry time! When hair is dry, we would recommend a sprinkle of got2b Powder’ful, at the roots for more volume! It can also be added to the ends of hair to give a matte texture.

Messy Ponytail
Gather or twist you hair into a low ponytail. It is important not to be too fussy with how neat the ponytail is - leave the hair as ‘undone’ as possible! You can enhance the messy look by pulling a few strands of hair out of the hair band. A light hold hairspray, such as got2b Mind Blowing Hairspray can be applied for a quick-drying flexible hold!

To change up your ponytail, you can braid this hair into a fishtail style. You can check out our video on how-to create a fishtail braid. Once the braid has been tied off, you can pull a few small strands of hair out of the braid and loosen to give a more un-done look.

Messy Open Hair Variations
To create that wavy, ‘just out of bed look’, start with blow-drying your hair head upside down to give extra root lift. If your hair is naturally straight, you can create a few waves with a curling wand. got2b Beach Matt Salt Spray can be used to create textured waves, so it is the perfect companion for this look! If you want your messy look to have more shine, you can add a spray of got2b Oil-licious Dry Oil Mist rather than the powder. As a finishing touch, hang your head upside down and shake out the style!