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The Nuts and Balls Metric of Hair Products

What is the right amount of hair product to use? Is it as little as a drop or is it as much as a tennis ball-sized dollop? We're here to help you find out how much to use. 

When you go overboard with styling products, your hair can take on a greasy and unkempt look that can completely ruin the style you spent time on. As a general guideline, we suggest using two products in your hair: a heat protect spray if you use heat styling tools and a finishing product to hold your hairstyle in place, such as a hairspray. This is because when you apply more products to your hair, you run the risk of weighing your hair down, stiffening it and losing the style.

To avoid using too much product, start by using a small amount first and adding more as needed. The smart solution to this practical problem lies in the motto ‘Less is more!’  Hair care and styling products rarely work better if used in excess. On the contrary, the most effective amount is often smaller than imagined.

How should you use hair care or styling products and how much?

Hair serum is perfect for split ends. Serums are spread through the hair ends in droplets and the ingredients coat them with an ultra-thin film. As a result the hair looks less frizzy.

Hair oil must be used in small droplets. Distribute one or two drops across the palms of your hands (curly hair may need slightly more than 1 or two drops of hair oil) and work into the hair ends with your hands. If hair oil is used in this way before shampooing it will protect the hair ends from drying out. Hair oils are also ingredients of leave-in hair treatments so can be applied to towel dried hair.

Hair wax: Only use a smidgen of hair wax! Start with small amounts to avoid clumping your hair which will cling to your scalp and appear oily. Start by applying a pea-sized amount of wax, distribute into the palms of your hand and then work  through your hair. If you do use too much and your hair is weighed down, rinse thoroughly with shampoo.

Hair gels are compatible with all hair types including curly, wavy, textured, coloured and relaxed hair. The amount of gel applied is usually directly proportional to how long the style can be maintained.  Start with a pea-sized amount and increase as needed.

Conditioner: A hazelnut-sized amount of conditioner is sufficient. Briefly allow the conditioner to moisturise your hair before rinsing it out thoroughly.

Shampoo: Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you should use a hazelnut- or walnut-sized amount of shampoo. It is best to apply the shampoo in small portions to your hair. Always rinse out the last traces of shampoo thoroughly.

Anti-frizz products protect the hair from drying out and helps make it smooth. They are available in the form of shampoos or conditioners. Use the products as directed or use a hazelnut-sized amount.

Hair Treatments: Work a walnut-sized amount of the hair treatment product through  towel-dry hair and style as normal. 

Styling mousse is applied to dry hair until the hair feels slightly damp. This may require up to a tennis ball-sized amount for long hair but less mousse is sufficient for short hair. Start with a walnut-sized amount and add more to your hair as needed.

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