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Elegant Hairstyles for Men

Men tend to style their hair with elegance and style when attending festive events. From bold or subtle waves to sleek, combed looks… be inspired by our photos of festive hairstyles for men.

The Parting

Elegant Hairstyles for Men
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The model has neat, combed hair with a side parting.

Straight side partings add a sophisticated twist to a man’s hairstyles for the festive season. Ideally, the hair should still be damp when the parting is created to help manageability. Comb the hair back and part it with a styling comb, finish the look with hair gel or wax for a sleek, neat style.

Tip: Experiment with the position of the parting along the side of the head or alter the length of the parting for different looks.

Well-Groomed Hair

Elegant Hairstyles for Men
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The models hairstyles shine with elegance.

Defined, accurately styled, straight or wavy hair is far more suitable for festive events than casual, undone styles. To achieve this look use a comb to style the hair back off the face.

Tip: Use hair gel to create an elegant wet look and hair wax if you want to keep hair in place.


Hair that shines adds another dimension to a hairstyle. For special occasions it is important to have soft, healthy, glowing hair. Make sure to use extra-gloss hairspray, hair oil, hair wax or gel to create this look.

Tip: Less is more! Styling products for extra shine are best used sparingly.

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