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Hairstyles for Male Hipsters

Hipsters adopt an easy going lifestyle. Their sense of style expresses the way they live and dress and right now, hipsters prefer creative but casual hairstyles and fashions. We show how the modern male hipsters style their hair, realizing that 'modern' means nothing to hipsters!

Check out the most popular Hipster styles of 2014. Why not try and recreate these relaxed and laid-back hairstyles? Or do you already rock one of these cool edgy looks? 

Pioneering Hipster Hairstyles

Hipsters often find themselves in the role of trend setters for fashions and hairstyles. Many hipsters wear unisex haircuts and adapt their hairstyles for a creative flare – these are always casual and fuss-free.

Hipster Hairstyles – Wet-Styled Semi-Updo

Hipster Hairstyles
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Men wearing long hair no longer turn heads! This semi up-do keeps hair away from the face, with loose hair styled into a wet look. Guys with long hair may like to try this hairstyle - try out being a hipster for a day, you may like it!

Left: Long semi up-dos are becoming more popular

Hipster Hairstyles - The New Crop

Hipster Hairstyles
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The New Crop is new because the hair is slightly longer on top than the original crop hairstyle. Of course, this hipster does not miss his opportunity to assert his sense of individuality!

Left: In this military hairstyle, the top hair is just a tad longer than the cropped side hair.  

Hipster Styles - Side Cut and Full Beard

Hipster Hairstyles
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The trendy side cut paired with a full beard, allows hair to easily fall to one side, creating this super casual look.

Left: Side cut with the front hair flipped across the forehead

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