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Three Ways to Straight Hair

Straight hair looks elegant and alluring. Small wonder the sleek look is so popular. You have the choice of various techniques to straighten your hair. Blow-drying while pulling your hair over a round or paddle brush will work. Using a flat iron or applying a semi-permanent hair straightener also leads to straight hair

While experimenting with hairstyles, women braid, pin up, colour and curl their hair. Sooner or later, most women also discover the sleek look. Models all over the world embrace sleek hairstyles. On and off the catwalks between Los Angeles and Cannes, sleek hair intrigues and gets attention. Go ahead and try on the sleek style! You will be surprised how this look actually lends itself to so many variations. The right choice of straightening method depends entirely on your style and how long you want your hair to remain straight. Keep reading to find the right straightening method for your hair and style.

Hair Straightening: Blow-Drying over a Round/Paddle Brush

The classic hair straightening method involves pulling your hair over a round or paddle brush while blow-drying it. Most women have these tools at hand. In this method, strands of the towel-dry hair are rolled over a brush, briefly treated to a stream of blow-dryer air and then pulled straight through the brush. A round brush works best for short hair while a paddle brush is more suitable for long hair. Straightening your hair is easier after applying a straightening lotion or spray. Some of straightening products also contain heat protectant to save your hair from being damaged and dry out during blow-drying. Straightening your hair by pulling it over a round or paddle brush while blow-drying it is very simple and the effect lasts one day. However, women with naturally curly hair at best create wavy hair with this method.

Hair Straightening: Using a Flat Iron

Using a flat iron is a more effective hair straightening method. We recommend the method for women with naturally curly hair and for women who are not satisfied with the blow dryer-and-brush straightening.

Don’t forget to work heat protectant through your towel-dry hair (preferentially by combing your hair with a wide-toothed comb) before you use the flat iron. Now you are ready to pull strands of your hair through the flat iron in a swift, continuous motion. Flat irons with ceramic or other coatings work best because they warm the hair evenly and gently. This method keeps hair straight for up to two days. Briefly straighten re-appearing waves after the first night. With practice your hair straightening skills will grow.

Be sure to give you hair a conditioning treatment for dry and damaged hair once a week to prevent lasting hair damage.

Semi-Permanent Hair Straightening Using a Blow-Dry Straightening Kit

You can create the sleek look even if your hair is curly, frizzy or very unruly. Simply apply a straightening blow-dry kit to achieve sleek hair. The hair is straightened in two steps. In the first step, straightening serum containing keratin, silk and wheat proteins is applied to the hair, which is then combed straight. After 20 minutes, use lukewarm water to rinse out the straightening serum. The serum not only straightens hair but also makes it supple and smooth. After the serum treatment, apply a sealer for ten minutes while combing your hair straight a couple of times. The sealer ensures that your hair stays sleek and straight. Applying the straightening kit keeps hair straight through up to ten shampoos. After shampooing, you may like to use your blow dryer to freshen up the sleek look. In an instant, your already visibly straighter hair will be as straight and supple as you want it to be.

In his video, top hair stylist Armin Morbach shows you how to straighten natural curls.

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