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Mad Men Fever – the Sixties Hair Styles are Back

The series is a hit, and the hair styles of the Mad Men ladies are also very hot. We show you step by step how to style three of the star looks. It is quite simple. We also let you in on the most beautiful and inspiring catwalk hair styles

The great fashion houses present exaggerated beehive styles, voluminous hair in the back of the head and very straight cut bangs. Obviously, the designers have all taken their inspiration for the spring and summer 2011 styles from the same hot TV series ‘Mad Men’. The glamorous sixties look may appear to be a veritable challenge, but the hair styles can be created far easier than most women think. Thanks to new technologies, we are now able to rely on curling irons, flat irons and heated rollers for the gently treatment and styling of our hair.

The secret behind the sixties hair styles is volume – a lot of volume

The secret behind creating authentic ‘mad manes’ is volume. ‘Mad mane’ is indeed the official and very appropriate name for the hair styles worn by Betty, Joan and Peggy. It does not matter whether you have set your heart on having a ponytail, a sixties updo or an undulating bob, the aptly named hair style needs volume and therefore some preparation.

Prepare your hair by allowing it to air-dry after a shampoo. The hair should be no more than slightly damp. Apply a small amount of volumising mousse or fluid to your hair before rolling it up on round brushes or heated rollers. Allow the rolled up hair to dry completely. Now you are ready for the styling.

Tip: Use pomade, wax and plenty of hair spray when you style your new hairdo. For apparent reasons this was done in the swinging sixties as well

The Sixties Style on the Catwalk – Designer watch the Mad Men series as well!

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