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Sleek Styles for 2015

The silky flow of smooth shimmering hair is perfect if you want an elegant look - we show how to create new sleek hairstyle variations.

'Less is more' is the motto for any minimal look and more recently, we are seeing this in the fashion industry. The plain, laid-back style is here to stay! To keep your hair looking minimal for this trend you could try the Sleek hair look. Which is perfect for the modern style – you can simply add a few accessories to personalize the style! 

Sleek Hairstyles with a Twist

Sleek Hairstyle Variations
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This model with cornrows braided to one side of her sleek hairstyle.

In 2015, designer Christophe LeMaire had the models wear completely straight hair with a twisted section at one side of the hair (see the photo above) in his fashion show. The sleek dark hair paired with a side twist and white outfit define the minimal look!

The sleek hair is braided into cornrows on one side of the hairstyle giving the impression of a side-cut. The braids add a focus point to the poker straight hair and make the style more interesting. The model wears a minimal design outfit in muted colours.

Sleek Hair from the Root to Tip

Sleek Hairstyle Variations
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Sleek hair looks particularly amazing when it is long and cascades over the shoulders! But don’t worry, you can still pull off this look if your hair is short The straight hair is combed back over the head and held in place with a hair grip to give a particularly elegant style. 

Left: This model for the David Jones Label wears long sleek hair on the runway. The top section of hair styled back off the face.

The proper hair care is essential for any smooth and sleek look. Below, you can find our top tips on keeping your hair smoothly sleek:     

  • Use a hair treatment twice a week to provide extra care and shine. Our Essence UltÎme Omega Repair Intensive mask will do this in just 1 minute!

  • Always apply heat protectant before blow drying or straightening your hair. A spritz of got2b Guardian Angel will give you heat protection up to 230°C.

  • Apply a small amount of Essence UltÎme Crystal Shine Finishing oil to the ends of your hair for glamour boosted shine!

  • Apply extra-gloss hairspray to create amazing shine – got2b Rise ‘n Shine Hairspray is perfect for adding volume and shine!

How to recreate your sleek hairstyles

You can follow these simple videos to create a smooth look or a sleek ponytail – all you need to do is choose a style!

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