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Hair Products and Styles for Hot Summer Days

Time spent in the hot summer sun, having fun at the beach or relaxing by the pool equals simple hairstyles and additional hair care. Read on to discover how to create the perfect summer style and which styling and care products you should be using during the summer months to keep your hair looking its best.

Sunshine, chlorine and sea water can all take a toll on our hair. Luckily, protection and care is easy. Hats are beautiful and stylish and they protect hair from UV light. If you choose not to wear a hat, avoid rigid hairstyles and a lot of styling products. Find out our pick of hairstyles ideal for your favourite summer activities and light styling and hair care products suitable for hot summer days.

Summertime Styling Products - Salt Spray

Summertime Hair Products

Beach waves are the perfect summer hairstyle. They look alluring and are easy to style

Casual beach waves are as beautiful on the beach as they are at a summer party. They are a key look in the summer hairstyle arsenal and salt spray helps you to easily create the casual, just-off-the beach look.

Styling: Apply salt spray to damp or dry hair and scrunch whilst blow-drying to create natural-looking waves. If you prefer, apply the spray to damp hair, tousle the hair and allow to dry naturally for a more undone look.

Salt sprays contain a slightly oily substance, which protects the hair from drying out in the summer sun.

Salt sprays also contain a slightly oily substance, which protects the hair from drying out in the summer sun.

Summertime Styling Products: Hair Lightening Spray

Summertime Hair Products

Lightening spray can make the hair look more blonde.

Lightening sprays help you to cheat your way to a sun-kissed look.  Step by step, these sprays gently lighten hair without having to use full head hair dye.

Styling: Apply the lightening spray to dry hair. Spray generously for all over lightening or on selected strands for highlights. For a more enhanced result, blow dry the hair.

Summertime Styling Products: Hair Oil

Hair oil can be used to add extra care to the hair as a pre-treatment before washing as well as smoothing the hair and adding shine some even have a built-in UV filter. Just a small amount of hair oil can keep the hair from drying out. With the right technique, hair oil can bring out the best qualities in the hair. Of course, it is crucial to know how to do this:


Use three to four drops of hair oil for thick hair whilst those with fine hair should use a maximum of two drops.

Method 1: Apply the oil to the hair ends before shampooing and leave in for a few minutes. Then rinse your hair and shampoo as usual. Your hair will be clean and ready for a sizzling summer day.

Method 2: Apply the hair oil as finishing touch. The oil serves as shield to prevent the hair from drying out in the summer sun and heat. Distribute the hair oil in the palm of your hands and apply it to the hair ends only.

Only use one of the two methods at a time per day.

Summertime Hair Products: Hair Care

In the morning treat your hair with hair oil and protect it from the sun with built-in UV filter. After a long day at the beach or pool-side, wash your hair to remove all residual salt or chlorine. A conditioning shampoo prepares your hair for another day outdoors.

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