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‘Less is more’ for 2015 Up-dos

Making your styling statement for 2015 is easy: Keep it simple! Check out our favourite un-done up-dos for you to try at home that will be on trend and stylish throughout 2015.

Matte Hair

Styling no longer needs to be elaborate or perfect. Loosely tousled strands of hair on the crown of your head will emphasise a relaxed style. A sprinkle of got2b Powder’ful will create a matte texture on these sections and give you extra volume. The rest of the hair can be loosely tied into a low ponytail.

The Casual Low Chignon

Before drying hair, work got2b 2Sexy Volumising mousse through your hair and create a side parting. Gather your hair in the nape of your neck and twist it into a low chignon. Use hair grips to secure the chignon. Pull out one or two strands of hair for a more casual style.

Up-do with Layered Full Fringes

Layered full fringes help to frame your face and make even elaborate up-dos look more relaxed. This full fringe could range from a micro-fringe to a fringe that sits just above the eyes, depending on what look suits you best. The rest of your hair can be tied into a low chignon or braided using the fishtail technique.

Top Tip: Longer fringes create a particularly relaxed look!

Up-do with a Few Stray Curls

Curls are always pretty and can look great if you have long or shorter hair. One you have styled your hair into your desired up-do, why not try loosening a few strands and curling these to add texture and volume.

Top Tip: Curling wands are the best tool to create curls, but be sure to apply a spritz of got2b Guardian Angel Heat defense spray before styling!

Simple hairstyles are flattering for all women and they are perfect for any occasion, whether you wear a T-shirt or an evening gown (plus a great time saver!)