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Styling the Beehive Up-do

Audrey Hepburn made the beehive a must have style more than half a century ago – and we are feeling inspired! Find out the modern way to re-create this classic beehive up-do, perfect for the festive party season.

Are you smitten with 1960s style? Right now, the vintage beehive is back! The many hairstyles of the 1960s reflect the carefree spirit of youth and confidence and even after all this time, they have not lost their charm! The current on-trend beehive may not be quite as exaggerated as they used to be, but they still look amazing!

The Elegant Mini Beehive

Beehive updo
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This sleek mini beehive up-do with low side parting is suitable for all occasions

This beehive style avoids the extreme volume that was popular in the 1960s, and takes a more elegant, glamorous approach. A low side parting paired with a French twist at the back, creates subtle volume at the crown and allows a smooth finish. In this form, the up-do is reminiscent of the styles seen in the Twiggy era.

Styling Instructions for the Mini Beehive Up-do

The hair should be at least shoulder length for a voluminous beehive up-do.

1. Create a side parting and – with the exception of the top layer of hair – gently backcomb the hair beginning at the roots. For extra volume boost, add got2b Volumising Powder to the roots.

2. Use a hair donut for a little extra height. Take a thick strand of hair from the crown of your head, leaving the top layer of hair out, and pull it through the donut hole. Now drape the ends of the strand around the donut.

3. Tightly comb the hair over and across the hair donut to cover it. Then shape the hair ends into a French twist.

4Secure the hairstyle with hair grips and spray hair with got2b Rise ‘n Shine hairspray for volume and shine.

Tip: To create a more extravagant beehive style, use an extra-large hair donut!

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