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How to dye and repair your hair for healthy-looking results


Dyeing hair the healthy way: how to prevent hair damage during the colouring process

Dyeing your hair is one of the best ways to express your individuality – new hair, new you, right? While colouring your hair at home is not an overly difficult process, you need to make sure you do it right. Since colouring hair risks damaging it, it is important to choose hair dye and colouring products that result in healthy-looking hair.

But what if we told you there are hair colouring options that actually repair your hair after dyeing? In this article, you’ll learn how to dye your hair without damaging it, as well as how to repair any colour-damaged hair. By the end, you’ll know how to achieve your desired look both in colour and quality.

Benefits of repair care when dyeing hair

One of the most important considerations when dyeing hair at home is to ensure your products include a conditioner to repair any damage once the colouring application is complete. By keeping your hair nice and healthy-looking when dyeing, expensive trips to a salon to repair the damage will become a thing of the past. Using a repairing conditioner is an important step in the treatment for bleach and colour-damaged hair and provides gentle care for sensitive scalps.

There are other benefits to using hair repair products while dyeing to prevent damage. You’ll see visibly noticeable results that add radiance to your look, enhance your hair’s natural shine, and improve its overall texture. Even for those who love to change your hair colour often, you can confidently dye your hair without damaging it.

Using HaptIQ system in the dyeing process

To enjoy healthy-looking hair after dyeing, we recommend using Oleo Intense hair dye with HaptIQ system. With its innovative formula and high-quality composition, it’s possible to achieve incredible colouration that lasts and give your hair a valuable pampering. In other words, you can obtain healthy-looking hair in any colour you desire. Here’s how the HaptIQ system works to benefit your hair:

Strong strands

With an expertly designed formula, HaptIQ system penetrates your hair to create new micro-connections. These strengthen your hair from the inside out and add depth to your look even after colouring. This means you can truly relax into the dyeing process and enjoy a healthy-looking head of hair in whatever colour suits your style.

Post-colour protection

HaptIQ system does its best work once your dyeing session is complete. When your new colour has started to take hold, the unique formula coats your hair with a protective layer. This locks the colour in place and strengthens each individual strand. You’ll benefit from added protection that other products simply can’t offer, enabling you to achieve healthy-looking hair colour for longer.

Radiant results

Naturally, the improved strength and protection that HaptIQ system offers can mean only one thing: stunning hair colour without damage! Whether you’re just going a few shades darker or you’re opting for a radical change of colour, you’ll find your new hair looks and feels like you’ve just come straight from the salon.

Achieve healthy-looking hair with Oleo Intense hair dye

After you dye your hair, it’s important to ensure it’s well protected. After all, this will improve both the quality of your hair and the duration of your new colour. It’s best to use colouring products that offer a level of aftercare, so you can be sure you’re getting salon-quality results.

With products like Oleo Intense and its innovative HaptIQ system, you can achieve professional results from the comfort of your own home. You’ll reduce the need for frequent touch-ups and keep your hair looking healthy for longer.

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