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Schwarzkopf Styling

All you need to get your hair looking incredible, from start to finish.

You can never have too many styling products. Every hairdresser’s secret to getting your hair spot on, that’s why Schwarzkopf has decided to launch an entirely new collection so you can recreate those looks with confidence and get your hair looking its best. Every single day. Including heat protection, three hairsprays and a mousse whether you want a simple braid to keep your fringe out of your face, a swishy ponytail that will see you through zoom meetings and coffee dates, or want to go all out with billowing waves, these new products are here to make your life easier. Not sure where to start? Here’s what’s on offer...

Schwarzkopf Keratin Heat Protection Spray

Keratin Heat Spray

Protecting your hair from high temperatures is an unwritten rule for stylists so don’t let your hair down at home. Containing liquid keratin that’s identical to your hair’s own structure so it recognises and absorbs it, this forms a strengthening shield around the hair and protects your hair from up to 230° heat saving your hair from the drying effect that hairdryers, tongues, wands and straighteners can have. It also delivers long lasting hold so your style doesn’t waver when it cools. Keeping it healthy also means it will have more natural movement and shine plus the heat-activated formula also puts a stop to frizz.

Schwarzkopf Keratin Hairspray

Keratin Hairspray

Boasting the same technology as the heat spray, this hairspray also delivers keratin components to the hair keeping it strong and supple. With 48 hours hold to ensure your style stays put, it also helps protect your hair from humidity and UV radiation that cause frizz and colour fade. A few spritzes of this to finish your style and your hair will look glossy, gorgeous and ready to go. 

Schwarzkopf Volume Lift Mousse

Volume Lift Mousse

Like an inflatable for your hair, this mousse pumps up the volume using a formula that’s infused with collagen to create a clever ‘anti-flat’ effect. Non-sticky and lightweight, this mousse is the secret to achieving that sought after pouffiness you get from a professional blow-dry that’s oh so tricky to nail if you’re not a pro. It’s also anti-static so flyaways won’t scupper your style and while it offers 48 hours of style and control, it’s easy to brush out if you want to de-puff your hair any sooner.

Schwarzkopf Volume Lift Hairspray

Volume Lift Hairspray

Complementing the Volume Lift Mousse, this hairspray, available in regular and travel-size, is all about the bounce. Packed with collagen to fill out the hair, it gives a full body effect from root to tip. Spray a light mist all over to set your look or use it to set waves, curls and flicks. Giving 48 hours of hold but allowing the hair to move when you do, it’s volume without any restrictions. Easy to brush out, the humidity and UV protection also keeps hair safe from environmental aggressors that could cause your hair to misbehave.

Schwarzkopf Max Hold Hairspray

Max Hold Hairspray

Another finisher that comes in a convenient mini as well as the full-size version, this is for hairstyles or thicker hair that require the big guns to keep it in place. Non-sticky with no residue, this has serious hold but it doesn’t weigh the hair down so you’ll never feel uncomfortable or like you have anything on the hair. Tested by hairdressers for its durability, it’s a hairspray that will never let you - or your hairstyle - down.

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