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Easy to use and suitable for all hair types, whether you want your hair to have a soft and sleek finish, XXL control or added shine, there’s a hairspray out there for everyone.

The perfect tool for experimentation, hairsprays are every professional’s go-to and luckily Schwarzkopf has an impressive eight to choose from! Smoothing down flyaways, keeping volume and bounce in tact or ensuring topknots and ponytails stay looking slick, it doesn’t matter if they’re backstage at Fashion Week, tending to A-listers or creating looks on their clients, you’ll always find a can of hairspray tucked under their arm or in their back pocket. Fact. They’re also an amazing product to have at home. Not just for adding hold before a night out (although they’re excellent for that too), they’re perfect for a quick touch-up before a last minute zoom call and if you’ve been bored through lockdown and found some new styles to experiment with, hairsprays will ensure that they don’t fall apart the moment you move your head or step outside! And, even if you do mess up, you can just brush it out and start again (depending on the hold of course). Braids, buns, curls, quiffs, you name it, hairspray has got your back.

How to choose a hairspray:

The best way to pick your hairspray is to consider a) your hair type - for example thick hair will need more hold than fine hair, b) your style - do you want maximum hold or just a light mist to protect your look and c) what finish do you want - matte or glossy. That’s why it’s also advisable to have more than one option to hand - the lipstick of the hairstyling world, think of it as the finishing touch, decided by your mood, your style and your day, or night, ahead!

As a helping hand, here’s a breakdown of all our hairsprays so you can pick and choose your canister with confidence…

got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray

With a hold level of 6, this citrus-scented hairspray withstands gale force winds, rollercoaster rides and big nights out. Fast drying, it’s perfect for styles that need to be ‘set’ - think quiffs, ballerina buns and sculpted ponytails that can’t have flyaways ruining the look. Keeping hair cuticles flat to add shine and available in three sizes so you can pop one in your bag, your style will stay put until your next hair wash.

2Sexy Volumising Hairspray

Curls, fine hair, bobs, fringes - this hairspray was made for them all. With a sweet raspberry scent and a push up effect, this full and flirty styler will keep your hair en pointe while you work the room. Adding volume and keeping it there, it’s non-drying formula also means you’ll be able to run your fingers through your hair without causing everything to flop as it rings in at a level 4 hold.

Instashine Hairspray

Ready to amp up the shine levels on your hairstyle? Then this is the one for you. Adding body and lift as well as extra gloss, if you’ve just executed a salon-worthy blow-dry, this will be the perfect finale act. Ensuring it won’t drop thanks to its level 4 hold and with no white residue that causes flashback on cameras, a spritz or two of this and you’ll be ready to face the cameras, red carpet or not! It also protects hair from drying out which means frizz won’t stand a chance.

Roaring High Sprayable Clay Constructor

Not your traditional hairspray, because this is clay based it gives more of a matte finish. Superb for adding texture and definition, especially in shorter or layered styles, it’s no surprise it’s loved by both guys and girls. With a hold level of 4 it’s sturdy but not rigid so hair still has movability.

Happy Hour Hairspray

As the name might suggest, this is excellent for spritzing onto your hair before you hit the dancefloor. An impressive 5 on the hold level scale, it’s ideal for using on curls and waves that you don’t want to drop. It also lasts for 24 hours so if you stay out until the early hours or your brunch turns into dinner, your hair will remain looking immaculate and fresh. And let’s not forget that soft, summery coconut fragrance that transports you to the beach!

Schwarzkopf Volume Lift Hairspray

A hairspray that gives you extra, this formula is infused with collagen to help plump out each and every hair so you end up with a weightless lifted look. Perfect if you just want to tame flyaways and keep things subtle, the non-sticky formula also helps protect from humidity and UV radiation so your hair won’t frizz and your colour won’t fade. Use it in conjunction with the Volume Lift Mousse to complete your aerated look. The hairspray is also available in a nifty travel-size.

Schwarzkopf MAX Hold Hairspray

The name gives it away but if you’re looking for maximum hold, this exceeds expectations as it gives 48 hours of style control. A must if you need your hair to behave itself from early morning to late at night, it won’t even let you down if you squeeze in a cheeky yoga session. Non-sticky and despite it’s hold level, easy to brush out, it also comes in handbag size in case you want to keep it in your gym bag/travel kit/on your desk.

Schwarzkopf Keratin Hairspray

This hairspray strengthens the hair whilst providing long-lasting hold and shine – a must for any styling occasion! Containing liquid keratin this hairspray adds shine and gloss to any style for that A-list finish without the dreaded sticky feeling. Perfect for keeping your style in place and showing off your hair at it’s best, it will feel soft and touchable but won’t unravel the moment you swish it around. Use in conjunction with the Keratin Heat Spray to protect your hair from up to 230° temperatures.

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